Choose Rolex replica watches don’t only 18 hours life App watch

On September 9, 2014, Apple released the Apple after Watch, smart watches with iPhone 6, iPhone Plus didn’t appear in the hands of mass consumption (because of its form a complete set of software system doesn’t do), but the delay so far – March 9

On the surface, and precious metals Apple Watch are overpriced, successfully from standing in the rolex replica on price, product family, Watch and other traditional mechanical watches. It now is whether senior wrist watch? Therefore I search for some kind of, found a very in place: the definition of “luxury is consumer goods beyond the survival needs to human development. In the world is defined as’ a beyond people survival and development needs, unique, scarce and rare characteristics of consumer goods’, also known as the necessaries of life.” So precious metals of Apple Watch even if the price is very expensive, even if it falls within the scope of luxury goods, it also can’t be a wrist Watch.

Our hands mechanical watches is beyond the scope of human survival development needs of consumer goods, priced at $10000 starting at the Apple Watch Edition series so clearly, so in theory, reason seems plausible. But I can buy the same function with a $349 watch, why in pursuit of luxury and able to buy just 28 times the price of the shell material of different electronic watch? Orders from the spread of news about apple chips, the first wave of production if between $30 million to $30 million, it is far away from the scarce, exotic features, industrial production is the biggest swiss rolex replica are, after all, no more than one year 6, 700000. So I think that out of these two, Apple even luxury Watch Edition series, also is not a luxury good. Since no good, so also no senior wrist watch, can be the most expensive electronic.

We can let’s look at a price of $349 of Apple Watch movement, equipped with aluminum alloy watchcase and Ion – X glass materials for display on the outside. $10000 in the high-end Apple Watch Edition with sapphire glass screen, 18 k gold or 18 k rose gold case, 38 mm diameter (42 $12000 mm diameter table) and ceramic table back outside, the rest of the configuration without any difference. Gold version of the Apple is Watch for luxury luxury luxury goods, it has no meaning. General consumers don’t have the ability to manage, high-end consumer crowd IQ and eq are often higher, few people blindly chase, but as a rational consumer, should have independent thinking and judgment ability, can distinguish between value and worthless, cow force of true and false. In other words, money really can spend? Don’t you buy a table, really just to see the time? Don’t not for its value embodies the taste good image to other people’s eyes? More media believe that the gold Watch is Apple in order to adapt to China’s national conditions and create electronic luxury watches, because something, no matter what kind it is, not, is worth, always someone willing to buy it in China, because China does not lack of trenches.
We have reasons to believe that, even if the price in the $10000 Apple Replica Watch, also is just a piece of electronic watches, only electronic watches by its impact. No inheritance of tradition tabulation process, will be out of date. It will be like mobile phones, computers and other electronic products into the orbit of rapid upgrade. Whenever a new generation of electronic products, you can feel the hand of the throw, because the screen resolution is higher, the standby time is longer, capacity and more big. But Gold watches can you throw? So the wear is not, do not wear is not.
For Apple’s 18 k gold version of the Apple Watch, same price what we can choose the traditional mechanical Watch?
So when choosing a lot of time, so why buy is doomed to be experiment generation? A standard of 18 hours battery life can do? We have accepted the day a phone, because it’s more expensive and necessities. So watch? I can’t see what’s the meaning of it as a luxury. Not passing on, no manual value of acme process, purely for luxury and luxury. “What time is it?” , “I watch without power”.

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